Waterfowl Season

Waterfowl Hunts and Habitat

We hunt over a variety of habitats and we share about 20 miles of border with the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. We have around 2400 acres of intermediate and tidal marsh, and about 4,400 acres of higher ground which was once used for rice farming. Though we do still have some rice fields which are in a rice rotation, the majority of our habitat comes from the enhancement of natural vegetation and high quality aquatics. Wigeon grass, Najas, Elodia, Sprangletop, Wild Millet, Seedbox, Smart weed, Panicum, and several varieties of Duck Potatoe, are just a few of the native plants which are able to grow throughout the season and are a very productive natural resource.

Over the years we have enhanced the native plants and now have a seed bank that is able to guarantee the finest habitat every year. These seed banks are loaded with virtually every possible duck food that can be found in this part of the world. Native sedges, millets, other grasses are abundant across this large acreage. We have 6 marsh blinds and 9 field blinds all of which can accommodate between 5 and 7 hunters.

Blinds - Our blinds are handmade by us to be spacious, warm and long-lasting. They are 6 feet wide for each pair of hunters.

Guides - Our guides are very seasoned, most of whom have between 20 and 40 years of guiding experience. They are all extremely safe and have very talented dogs.