Hunting Checklist

Equipment - Depending on where you are hunting, we will use a variety of equipment to get you there. A side by side is used to get you to 8 of our locations. Three blinds require a side by side followed by a Go-Devil boat. Two of our blinds use a surface drive to take you directly to the blind and the remainder of our blinds use center console boats to go down Oyster Bayou to a water control structure where we switch over into surface drives.

What to Bring - Hunting Licenses can be bought online or at your local sporting goods store. Be wary of trusting any Academy or Walmart employee because there is a chance that they will not be aware of the proper license, stamps and endorsements you will need.

Guns - Any shotgun that you are comfortable shooting will suffice. We would prefer for adults to have barrels which are at least 24 inches in length. Your guide may have a spare shotgun that you can use, but special arrangements must  be made. Call ahead of time and ask us if you or a friend or family member would like to use one of our shotguns. Supplies are extremely limited.

Boots - We recommend for everyone to wear knee boots just in case it rains, but they are not necessary in dry weather. You will not need to worry about decoys, retrieving the ducks, or getting to the blind other than walking across a potentially muddy road. If the weather is nice you should be able to wear tennis shoes or anything else that you are comfortable in.

Clothing - Camouflage is required. Our pit blinds are deep enough and camouflaged well enough that the majority of the camouflage will be around you. At the very least, wear dark clothing and a camo ball cap (to keep the glare off of your face), and most importantly dress for the weather.