Meet Our Guides

Gene Campbell – The founder/owner of OBHC spent the majority of his career hunting in the deep marsh but has moved up into the fields where everything is a little easier. He is well know for his expertise on habitat and hunting strategy. 45 years of experience and still not looking back.

Bob Campbell – Bob has guided hunting and fishing in this area for over 40 years and has been a part of this group since the beginning. He currently spends his offseason as the owner of Southshore Outboard Service in Anahuac, Texas.

Tim Wolfford – Tim has guided with OBHC since the early 80’s and also guided with Gene at the Chandeleur Islands for the majority of that time. He’s the beating heart behind the scenes and is truly Gene’s right hand man.

Burl McBride – Burl is a retired fireman and industrial worker and has also guided hunting and fishing for his entire adult life. He has guided with OBHC since the 80’s and he continues to guide fishing trips in Galveston and East Bay.

Jimmy Trahan – Jimmy retired from the energy industry in the late 90’s and went to work for OBHC and Chandeleur Island Charters soon thereafter. He is the “live-in” guide here at the lodge and he guides primarily in the intermediate marsh

Jay Cornelius – Jay is a pipeline welder in the offseason but always quits during the duck season. He has guided much of his life, but has been with OBHC since 2014.

Chris Campbell – Gene’s son is the manager of OBHC and assists his father with all of the ownership duties. He began guiding hunts in the late 90’s and has been with OBHC ever since.

Brad McBride – Burl’s son works in the energy industry and guides as much as he can. He first began guiding in the mid 90’s and has been with OBHC ever since.

Blake Mcbride – Burl’s youngest son is a fireman and he has been hunting at OBHC his whole life, as well as guiding since the early 2000’s.

Jordan Nagelmueller – Jordan works in the energy industry and has been guiding on his own since 2010. He has been with OBHC since 2017.

Drew Wood has hunted with OBHC since Hurricane Ike. When he found out the lodge had been destroyed he came to help and he has never left. If there is work to do he is always there.

Ralph Perez-- info Coming Soon!

Our other future guides have taken trips for us sparingly in the past several years and will see their roles increase in the near future: Jose Rodriguez Stayton Sartor